Research works

1. Monitoring observations (monitoring) of lithodynamic processes at the site from the CapePanaghia to the Cape Anapskiy during the construction of the marine terminal for transshipment of ammonia in Temryuk District (Fedorova)

2. Investigation of the shoreline state adjacent to the license area of LLC "NC" Priazovneft "with the issuance of cadastral characteristics (fedorova)

3. Monitoring of exogenous and endogenous processes.Chapter "Study of coastal processes on the adjacent coast of the Black Sea and the coast of the Taman Bay" (Fedorova)

4. Monitoring of the dynamics of coasts and seabed during the construction of the coastal section of the pipeline "Russia-Turkey" (Fedorova)

5. Reference network creation for constant monitoring of abrasion processes for monitoring the pipeline "Russia-Turkey" (Fedorova)

6. Monitoring observations for lithodynamic processes on local coastal areas and artificial beaches of the Black and Azov Seas (Fedorova)

7. Development of effective technologies, designs and materials based on local raw materials and binders to protect the coast of the Azov Sea from destruction (Kushu)

8. Integrated Framework for the development of urban planning of Krasnodar Region Territory (Fedorova)

9. Flood prevention scheme on the river Shapsuho in Lermontovo settlement as a part of the project plan of the resort area of Lermontovo settlement of Tuapsinsky district of Krasnodar region (Fedorova)

10. Project of development of beach areas within the boundaries of the municipal formation of Gelendzhik resort city with a project plan of priority development areas (Tanitovskiy)

11. preparation of territorial building codes (TSN) for the development of riverbeds flood control projects of the southern slope of the Caucasus mountain range of the Krasnodar Region (Tanitovskiy)

12. Monitoring of hazardous ecogeological and ecomorphohydrological processes on the construction site of the Taman transshipment complex in Volna settlement in Temrjuksky area (Fedorova)

13. Field investigations and study of the dynamics of the beach with a shore protection dam on Verbyanaya spit of Temrjuksky area (Fedorova)

14. Control and observation site construction of research area "Magri" in Magri settlement (Fedorova)