About us

Research and design center “Beregozashchita” is a specialized research, planning and surveying organization aimed at engineering protection of river banks, 1reservoir storages, seas and other water bodies, and also designing of dewatering systems, water disposal systems, water regulation systems, manufactured reservoirs and basins, manufactured territories in surface areas of water bodies, coastal and river banks protection structures, including manufactured beaches, yachting dockyards, berthing and protectiveharbor installations and etc. from dangerous geological and hydrological processes.

RDC "Beregozashchita" company with 15 years of experience in independent work. Employees of the company has more than 25 - year’s experience of teamwork in design of offshore bank protection structures, coastal protection and flood control measures on the rivers.

The organization was established in 2006 on the basis of engineering research sector of a specialized federal unitary enterprise Krasnodar beregozashchita, which was also established in 1988 for the Azov Sea and the Black Sea coasts protection from dangerous natural processes, including the rivers of the Southern side of the Caucasus mountain range on the territory of the Krasnodarsky region. Research, designing and surveying sector of the named company transferred to the RDC Beregozashchita almost in full strength in 2007. Therefore,wide and priceless work experience in research and scientific rationale, design, construction and operation of coastal protection structures on the Azov-Black Sea areas in Krasnodarsky region, which was gained by specialized federal unitary enterprise Krasnodar beregozashchita, has been kept and is being used in the current activities of RDC Beregozashchita.

The company started its activities in 2007.

Highly qualified staff members workin RDC Beregozashchita. Professionalism, responsibility and years of successful experience of employees, high quality and sense of timing allowed RDC Beregozashchita to become one of the most popular companies in the area of coastal and river banks 2anapa4protection structures design in Krasnodarsky Region. Customers of RDC Beregozashchita include state and municipal customers services and large companies and enterprises with different the property forms.

A number of employees are external experts and consultants of state regulatory agencies and experts in the Krasnodar Territory. Some of the employees are non-staff experts and consultants in state control-surveillance departments and expertise committees on the territory of Krasnodarsky region.

The enterprise has developed and implemented new and innovative design, technological, technical and design solutions. The company received more than 10 patents for inventions and utility models in areas of the enterprise. Inventions are successfully implemented at a number of sites, which proves their effectiveness and relevance.

RDC Beregozashchita actively participate in national and international conferences, forums, exhibitions, meetings, seminars and salons. Different innovative solutions of RDC Beregozashchita were granted with medals and diplomas of International Economics Forums, exhibitions and salons in Moscow, Casablanca (Morocco), Nantes (France), Geneva (Switzerland), Mougins (France), Brussels (Belgium).

tov znak 1RDC Beregozashchita has necessary material and technical basis, contemporary calculative and office automation equipment, lab equipment, licensed software and also constantly updated normative and legal base.

RDC Beregozashchita is the member of SRO Prospecting Engineer Association (Moscow) and SRO Design-and-Planning EngineerAssociation (Moscow). Design and survey work, including design of dangerous and technically complicated objects, are being done under authority of the competency certificateallowance tocertain types of work, which influence the safety of capital construction objects.

The enterprise has a certificate of trademark № 400824, which was registered in State Register of trademarks and service marks of Russian Federation in 2010 February, 10. RDC Beregozashchita developed quality management system with certificate of conformityin accordance with requirementsof industry standards ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2008, ГОСТ Р ИСО 14001-2007, ГОСТ Р 12.0.230-2007.