Employees of Ltd RDC Beregozashchita E.H. Kushu and S.I. Fedorova participated in the 8th International research and practical conference “Construction in coastal resort regions”, which took place in Sochi during May 19-23 of 2014.

On the conference plenary meeting chief executive E.H. Kushu delivered the report “About an organizational structure of state administration during designing, construction and operation of coast protection structures with account for their peculiarities.”

Ref.: http://sp2014.ru/


Main thesis of the report:

1. To solve coast protection problems without state administration and financing is impossible. It is necessary to solve them in the form of project measures implementation, preventing emergency conditions of natural cause.Otherwise the same state budget means, only in a much bigger rate,are directed to therectification of the consequences of the emergency.That is why the development of a proper Federal target-oriented program is essential.

2. It is rational to increase a status of the state administration bodies with such kind of construction, for example, by a foundation of a proper federal agency in the structure of Ministry of Construction Industry in Russia. This has become especially essential in connection of reunification of Crimea with Russia (the length of Azov-Black Sea sea coast increased almost two times).

3. It is essential to create Federal state coast protection administration on the basis of existent Federal state unitary enterprise “General Branch of Coast protection and Landslide protection Works” (Krasnodar) with the followingfunctions:
- customer in all complex of work in sea coastal protection sphere (research works and design and survey works);
- construction customer;
- operating organization.

Similar federal branches ought to be created in the structures of Ministry of Construction Industry in the territorial subjects of Russia, which neighbor with seas, including Crimea.

4. It is necessary to update series of normative legal documents, which apply to the peculiarities of design, construction and operation of coast protection structures:

4.1. Due to fast “depreciation” of construction projects of coast protection structures there is a necessity of simplification of strict regulation during the procedures of multiple coordination and state expertise of design and estimate documentation for construction of those objects; and also instant coast protection projects implementation after undergoing expert review and customersdesign approval.

4.2. It is essential to develop normative requirements for the rules of deformed structures operation (manufactured beaches, structures from the ledge rock or all-in rock rip-rap), including necessity of:
- monitoring with the development of a program and individual estimates for its implementation including all the expenses into the estimated cost of construction;
- additional works and, correspondingly, estimates for the annual reconstruction (without a necessity of developing individual projects of major repairs and reconstruction).

4.3. It is important to strictly regulate the rules of water protection area development and coastal protective strips of water objects due to the necessity of design and construction coast protection structures. It is rational to update land legislation, allocating obliged submission of the land users into the title establishing documents while providing them with the land in water protection areas of water objects: either real servitude(restricted right of operation of someone else’s land property) or right of impoundment, needed for coast protection structures placement. In addition to the above, construction customer of the coast protection structures ought to be the owners of the real servitude or the right of impoundment.